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Special Feature: Chinese Society Confronted with AIDS

"In my Opinion, most Tongzhi are Dutiful Sons!"

Community, social norms, and constructive of identity among young homosexuals in Hefei, Anhui Province
Pierre Miège
p. 40-53


Based on interviews with young homosexuals in Hefei, Anhui Province, this article examines the precarious modes of socialisation of young tongzhi(a term often used by gay people to refer to themselves), centred on the Internet and small groups of friends. The difficulty they have in constructing an identity based on sexuality stands out in the context of social norms and roles they cannot resolve to defy, above all because of their feelings of respect and duty towards their parents.

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Electronic reference

Pierre Miège, « "In my Opinion, most Tongzhi are Dutiful Sons!" », China Perspectives [Online], 2009/1 | 2009, Online since 01 April 2011, connection on 27 May 2017. URL :

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About the author

Pierre Miège

Associate Professor at the School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP), Beijing Normal University

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