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China in Africa

A Limited Conquest
François Lafargue
p. 80-86


The economic and diplomatic presence of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Africa continues to generate commentary and analyses that are often unflattering, and there is no lack of argument to denounce its negative effects. However, a detailed analysis of the situation reveals quite a different reality. While it is undeniable that China’s influence in Africa has grown, its economic interests there remain limited.

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Electronic reference

François Lafargue, « China in Africa », China Perspectives [Online], 2009/1 | 2009, Online since 01 April 2011, connection on 27 April 2017. URL :

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About the author

François Lafargue

Professor of Geopolitics at the Ecole supérieure de gestion and at the Ecole Centrale, Paris.

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