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After Fukushima, Taiwan revisits issue of nuclear risk

Tanguy LePesant
Translated by N. Jayaram
p. 62-63


Based  on:
– Zhang Zuo-jin, “No nuclear energy without a price,” Yuanjian zazhi (Global Views Monthly), April 2011, p. 26.
– Editorial, “Civilian nuclear policy needs immediate review and correction,” Ziyou shibao (Liberty Times), 26 March 2011, p. A2.
– Focus, “Review of security in the nuclear energy sector,” Yushan zhoubao (Formosa Weekly), 23-30 March 2011, pp. 4-16.
– Tian Zhe-rong, “If Taiwan faced a nuclear catastrophe,” Jingdian zazhi (Rhythms Monthly), no.153, April 2011, pp. 60-71.

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Tanguy LePesant, « After Fukushima, Taiwan revisits issue of nuclear risk », China Perspectives [Online], 2011/2 | 2011, Online since 30 June 2014, connection on 29 May 2017. URL :

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