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Special feature: Chinese Medicine: The Global Influence of an Evolving Heritage

Chinese Medicine Outside of China

The Encounter between Chinese Medical Practices and Conventional Medicine in France and Italy
Lucia Candelise
Translated by Elizabeth Guill
p. 43-50


This article is based on the results of comparative research into the appearance and integration of Chinese medicine (often limited to acupuncture in Europe) into French and Italian medical contexts during the twentieth century. The relationship between Chinese and conventional medicine and attempts at complementarity are studied, using as a starting-point a vast number of interviews with medical practitioners, observations of training sessions in the field, the study of the archives of the major French and Italian associations and schools of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and a qualitative analysis of questionnaires distributed in training institutions. The motivations of French and Italian acupuncturists are also analysed, as are their representations of Chinese medicine. Particular attention is paid to a comparison between the French and Italian situations.

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